Welcome to my website
This might look like a legitimate business website, but it's not.  Instead, we're going to do our best to steal your personal data so we can hack you or sell it on the dark web.  Have fun and sleep well! 

Portfolio of work
Your Police Report
This is you, sitting in the police station.  You're waiting to suibmit your police report, but we already have your info and are hard at work.  Besides, we're outside your country's jurisdiction!
Looking Sharp!
Trust us.  We hope you will, since that's how we'll steal from you.  You'll think we're legit, but we're nowhere close.
No Thanks!
Why bother with grabbing this when we can get your company's finances?  We'll leave this for the amateurs.
About Us
John Smith
101 Fake Street
Unit 505
PO Box 5555
Los Angeles, CA 90210
(555) 555-5555
None of this is real.  We might say we're a US-based company, but chances are that we're actually a group of people working for a social engineering group backed by organized crime.
You won't find us, and even if you do, we're outside of your country's jurisdiction.  
But we're pleased to meet you!  Thanks for giving us your most important information!